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Suns win franchise record 18th straight game! Defeat the Pistons 114-103

A great effort by the Pistons almost led to a Suns catastrophe, but almost was not enough to steal a win in Phoenix.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns kept their eyes on the prize, winning a franchise record 18th straight game in a row, this time over the Detroit Pistons 114-103.

All it took for the Suns Thursday was to show up and put forth the same effort they gave Tuesday night against the Golden State Warriors.

Without Devin Booker, the Suns continued to play as a team to get the victory, but it was not easy. The Pistons got hot to end the 3rd quarter, having everyone in Phoenix clinching to their seats.

In Chris Paul’s hands, the Suns maintained composure to seal their 18th win in a row.

Game Flow

First Half

With Booker missing for the Suns, Landry Shamet took his place in the starting lineup and with his first replacement three, it went in. 1st quarter typically owned by Booker, Chris Paul took over by taking shots and moving the ball around early as the Suns went up 12-7 against the Pistons in an already locked in first six minutes of the game.

The energy for the Suns was there to start. Thinking that this might be a trap game to end the Suns winning streak, it looked like the Suns were ready to play... and so did the Pistons.

The Pistons were able to get to the rim time after time to tie the game at 13. Their ball movement and intensity picked up to spread the floor and set up some ISO ball.

Suns bench, a strength this year for the team, came in led by the Cams. Cameron Johnson and Cameron Payne. Both combining for five points to put the Suns back up 20-16 before a Pistons time-out.

That’s right. Some real minutes for Ish Wainright in the early going!

JaVale McGee, already in a groove was grabbing everything that came his way by pass or off the glass. 5 points for the back up big man. “Just throw it up to him Payne!” and that’s what continued to happen before the end of the 1st quarter.

30-18 Suns after one. Behind McGee’s 8-PTS and 2-ORB from McGee in 4 minutes.

Payne was a magician with the ball with 8 points around the basket. The up-and-under lay-in with just a flick on the wrist. In the early minutes of the game, Payne wanted tonight to be special and he wanted to give Paul the rest needed for tomorrows game against the Golden State Warriors.

The Pistons didn’t let up with their aggression. Drawing their 8th foul of the game heading into the lane.

From Payne lobbing it up the McGee, to Paul lobbing it up the Ayton, the Suns kept attacking leading 40-29 with 7:20 left in the 2nd quarter.

Ayton hit his 11th point of the night with a quick grab and turn around shot from the top of the paint. The moves we were seeing tonight in the early going were effortless and with the flow of the offense. Nothing seemed to be sticky. The only thing sticking was the Suns lead, now with a 53-37 lead over the Pistons.

The Suns pushed the lead even further but began to get a little bit sloppy, turning the ball over and letting the Pistons get back in the game... but... Johnson, Ayton and Payne happened. Ending the 1st half, the Suns were up big! 69-51

Second Half

I remember when DA would inconsistently get the ball over the period of a game. It seems like lately, the Suns and Paul have been feeding him more and more. To start the 2nd half, Paul was finding DA in the paint over and over for four quick points.

Paul wasn’t just finding DA, but also hitting the perimeter. Bridges was able to get a couple threes to fall as Jae Crowder continued to struggle, working on his mid-range game.

The Pistons were able to cut the lead to 11 after the Suns again committed a few turnovers and of course the Pistons would not go anywhere. Monty Williams had to spend a timeout with 4:36 left in the 3rd quarter.

Payne was back in the game after the timeout and again, back to the lob, setting up McGee for a foul. Elfrid Payton on the other hand, remained sticky with the ball and throwing up complete crap at the backboard.

The Suns faced some pressure to score and failed to do so. The Pistons cut the lead to 6!

Then 4!

After the Cade Cunningham 3, the lead stood at 1!

Then, tie-game.

The Suns offense looked like it was trying to win a NBA Finals game-6. Frantic and living on a prayer.

It was then ok to breath, after the Suns went back up by 7 thanks to a big three from Shamet.

The Suns were able to wake up and realize this Pistons team has not one in about 2-weeks.

Heading into the 4th quarter, the Suns led 87-81 over the Pistons.

Paul was back in the lineup, and things started to feel a little bit better. A man that we can trust in making the sure the Suns stick to the game-plan and get the win.

As I typed that out, Paul turned the ball over.

There was a little bit of a back-and-forth between the Piston and Suns to keep it close. Nearing the 5-minute mark of the 4th quarter, you know the Suns just love to keep it close.

What Paul gives away, he gives back. A couple turnover leading to a mini Pistons run was halted by the mid-range shot to put the Suns back up 9 with 7 minutes left in the game.

Jae hit the big three after starting the game 0-3. The 0-3 was from everywhere else on the court but behind the arc. Jae came through again in the clutch!

The Pistons were unable to get some good looks to go down towards the end of the stretch and the Suns were not able to capitalize. Less than 4 minutes left and the Suns were only up 6!

It was then CP3 TIME! Need a basket? The Suns were in luck. The Suns just needed the stops. They were able to do so leading to another Shamet clutch 3!

18 WINS IN A ROW! Here it comes!

SUNS WIN 114-103!

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