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Playing Santa... for the Phoenix Suns big men

What would Santa bring each of the Suns’ bigs? (It’s very tongue-in-cheek)

Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

What should each of the Phoenix Suns big men get for Christmas?

We are in between the thankful holiday and the resolution holiday, right smack dab in the gifting season. Each of the Phoenix Suns big men is/was having a great season when they step on the court, but they all could use a new gift or two to help them get even better.

Let’s go through all the bigs...

Deandre Ayton — Punching Bag

Maybe if over time he consistently is exerting anger *somewhere* in his life, he’ll begin to exert anger on the court as well. Maybe thanks to the punching bag, we see some more short roll dunks, like on this play:

(this video comes from a great thread that Sam Cooper, long time Bright Side contributor, put together on Ayton’s game against Portland)

JaVale McGee — Trampoline

So he can get all his jumping out of his system before the game, since one of his only crucial flaws deeply involves jumping too much, whether leading to fouls or just the offensive player making him pay for biting on a pump fake.

Frank Kaminsky — Bow & Arrows

There aren’t too many nits to pick with Kaminsky’s showing when he’s been on the court compared with the expectations for him this season, but one aspect that was glaringly missing when he was out there was his deep shot. For a player like Kaminsky, who’s so reliant on passing out of the big man position, his game really opens up when the three-ball is going. Thus, Santa is gifting him a bow with plenty of arrows so he can work on his pinpoint accuracy from distance.

Jalen Smith — Las Vegas Snow Globe

So he can remember what the Summer League was like where he averaged 16.3 points and a Vegas-best 12.5 rebounds per game. The snow globe, of course, will help him play more like that more often.

How about you, Bright Siders? What do you think the Suns big men need for Christmas?

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