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ELFrid Payton: Community Helper

EP recently gave back to his community for the holidays.

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It’s that time of year.

The Holiday Season.

I’ve said this before but if you can help someone, do it. If you can’t, that’s alright, as not everyone is in that position.

Enter Elfrid Payton, reserve guard for your Phoenix Suns.

When he isn’t dishing out dimes to his new teammates or hurling himself into traffic trying to get the team a bucket when they need it, you can see him giving back via the Elfrid Payton Foundation.

The mission of Elfrid Payton Foundation, Inc, according to their website at, is to “empower the youth in the areas of health, education, and arts and culture through sustainable and engaging programs”.

Part of that is the Annual Elf’s Toy Workshop Celebration which benefits over 150 kids from Gretna Boys and Girls Club. The youth receive free toys in addition to enjoying playing games, being served a hearty meal, and much more.

Elf fully embraces his nickname at these events as you can see him giving out gifts, helping serve and even wearing a green cap.

Gretna, Louisiana is Payton’s hometown and he has definitely given back to his community. It’s great to see.

Respect, EP!

Watch the video below. It will warm your heart.

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