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Playing Santa... for the Suns’ Wings

Part two of the series! (Don’t forget, it’s just for laughs)

2021 NBA Finals - Milwaukee Bucks v. Phoenix Suns Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

What should each of the Phoenix Suns players get for Christmas?

We are in between the thankful holiday and the resolution holiday, right smack dab in the gifting season. Each of the Phoenix Suns wings is/was having a great season when they step on the court, but they all could use a new gift or two to help them get even better.

On Tuesday, we gave gifts to all the bigs.

Now, let’s go through all the wings...

Mikal Bridges — Time Turner (from the third Harry Potter installment)

Who remembers this glorious defensive possession from Bridges during the blowout over Charlotte?

Why don’t we make his life a little easier by giving him a Time Turner so he can be in multiple places at once, instead of having to run all over the place?

Jae Crowder — Knee Pads

He falls way too much for me to be comfortable with it. Now if he had some knee pads it’d be a different story…

Cam Johnson — Skateboard

So he can fit in better with the guys… because ya know…

Abdel Nader — A Spa Day

He deserves a chance to relax a bit with how aggressively he drives and how reckless it can get at times. Maybe a spa day gets him to play more within the flow of the offense and not force as much.

Ish Wainright — A roster spot on the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals could use a guy with a frame like his! He’s truly an absolute unit.

Chandler Hutchison — A fancy analog clock

At least he’ll be able to see some minutes this way! (…or the Suns could give him a G-League stint since he’s on that two-way contract. He deserves some playing time somewhere.)

How about you, Bright Siders? What do you think the Suns big men need for Christmas?

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