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Playing Santa... for the Suns’ Guards

In the final installment of the pre-Christmas series, we give some gifts to the awesome guards.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

What should each of the Phoenix Suns players get for Christmas?

We are in between the thankful holiday and the resolution holiday, right smack dab in the gifting season. Each of the Phoenix Suns wings is/was having a great season when they step on the court, but they all could use a new gift or two to help them get even better.

On Tuesday, we gave gifts to all the bigs, and on Wednesday we gave to the wings.

To cap it all off, we have the spectacular guards on this Christmas Eve.

Chris Paul — Fountain of Youth

Wouldn’t it be awesome for him to be around beyond that 4-year contract extension he signed this past offseason?

Devin Booker — Trip to Sedona with Kendall

I can’t really think of any glaring holes in Booker’s game apart from just improving upon what’s already there, so I’m copping out with this one.

For the uninitiated, Book and Kendall Jenner first entered the public eye as an “item” with a trip to Sedona during the COVID stoppage in 2020. Now that the two are more than a year in and there’s been talk of things getting more serious, how nice it would be for them to go back to where it started.

Cam Payne — Nissan S30

Shoutout to Cam for getting the priciest gift of the series. We’re giving him this beauty for one main purpose: learning how to switch between gears. The man seems to play at one speed— the highest speed imaginable. Becoming more of a true point guard that can slow things down at times and allow others to shine would really help his game and the overall outlook of the team.

Landry Shamet — Mirrors

I need Landry to love Landry the way we love Landry. Maybe if he sees himself more, he’ll see what we see and fire that sweet shot with less hesitation and with more confidence.

Elfrid Payton — A super soft fleece blanket

Payton’s biggest issue for Phoenix as well as over his career has been his efficiency at the rim. He does a great job of getting there, but he struggles to finish with a bucket once he is there. Something as soft as a nice luxurious fleece blanket can really help him see the importance of having a soft touch in those situations.

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