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ESPN: The Rise of Devin Booker

The great Michael Wilbon wrote a feature on the Rise of Devin Booker for ESPN that covers stories from Kobe Bryant’s mentorship to Chris Paul’s partnership on the current Suns.

You gotta read this big, long feature, Suns fans!

A quick excerpt:

Thirty-one points a game on 50% shooting in the bubble and it turns out that in a league of one-name stars, many of them not as prodigious, as efficient, as consistent, as charismatic, or with as fascinating a backstory as Booker, we are just now finding out his name. Book. You could, if you weren’t paying attention to the Phoenix Suns the past five years and didn’t know he already has a 70-point game on his résumé, make the case that the bubble was the venue of Book’s coming-out party. Just don’t make the case to him.

There was already a party, as he sees it, it’s just that in the bubble “more people got invited.” Tweets aside, Book knows “the extra things are going to come with team success, the playoff experiences. ... They’re on the way, and I’m going to work and get there no matter what.”

Now read further...

The Suns play the Milwaukee Bucks on ESPN tonight at 8:00pm AZ time.

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