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Second All Star Returns: Suns Booker & Paul hold steady at #6 and #7

Do your part: Vote!

Denver Nuggets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Here ye, here ye! Calling all ye who doth calleth ye-self fans of the Phoenix basketball team: The NBA All Star Game is scheduled to be played at State Farm Arena in Atlanta in less than a month and we need your help getting a couple of our boys there!

I’m not here to get into the debate as to whether or not the game should actually be played (it shouldn’t) or whether the All Star selection process is a popularity contest rather than a reflection of deserving talent (it is...see Alex Caruso’s total votes).

I’m here to remind you all that an All Star selection is for life!

When Chris Paul joined the Phoenix Suns, how was he described? What words proceeded his name in every article, podcast, and radio introduction? It wasn’t “4-time NBA assist leader” or “6-time steals champions”. People weren’t saying “State Farm’s own” or “2005-06 All Rookie”. You may have heard a few “35 year-old” or “the aging”...

The most common introductory phrase used was “10-time All Star Chris Paul”.

All Star selections matter.

When a player hangs up their sneakers and opens the door to retirement, talking heads begin the conversation at how good that player was. Their Basketball Reference page, which does not take into account the style in which one played or their intangible impact, becomes the starting point for career measurement. In the upper right hand corner, highlighted in gray, is the number of times a player was selected to an All Star Game.

Fair or unfair, that is how we view the game.

On Thursday the NBA released their second returns for All Star voting:

Compared to the first returns (which were revealed February 4), not much had changed for the two Phoenix Suns guard in contention. While Stephen Curry, Luka Donic, and Damian Lillard held fast, and Donovan Mitchell jumped Ja Morant, All Star hopefuls Devin Booker and Chris Paul remained at #6 and #7, respectfully.

Booker increased his total by 217,361 and Paul’s vote counted jumped by 150,001.

The fan ballots are vital as it accounts for 50 percent of the total voting to select players (#flawed). The players vote counts for 25 percent and the media counts for the remaining 25 percent.

Unlike years past, the Suns have success on their side. If the winning ways continue for Phoenix, we will no longer have to debate whether it’s skill or popularity that gets you in, at least relative to the Suns. I know I’m in the minority here, but Trae Young was an All Star starter last year? He may be talented, but he played for a 15-41 Atlanta team, scored points based on volume, not efficiency.

There is a possibility that both CP3 and DBook make an appearance. It is highly unlikely, but after 2020, don't tell me anything is impossible. Two things need to happen: the Suns need to continue to win and you need to vote!

How to Vote

Start by watching this hype video by Mr. Phoenix Arizona, ZANEZOR (thank you Twitter for bringing us content like this):

The fan voting concludes on February 16, so time is running out. Click here for a complete Bright Side Guide on how to vote for your Phoenix Suns.

Go forth and send ye votes via the Twitter!

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