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Suns Swag: Octet of OfferUp Options

We’re taking an eBay break on our search for Suns goodies.

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Suns fans, I wanted to start off this entry by sharing how many Suns Swag articles we’ve participated in to date, but that number is a little difficult to come up with. And I wasn’t able to ascertain exactly when the journey started, but I did find an article dated June 13th, 2014. Six plus years of someone else’s crap that may have become your crap that may now be someone else’s crap! Like anyone who lived through the last decade of Suns basketball would remark, ‘that’s a lot of crap.’

Here’s what was featured in that article:

  • Barkley Bucks
  • Suns Original Practice Facility Floor Piece
  • Phoenix Suns Cologne Decanter
  • Jeff Hornacek Game Used, Signed Jersey
  • Phoenix Suns Motorcycle Jacket

There’s a Phoenix Suns decanter still out there, $23 after shipping.

Anyway, in reaction to this momentous, poorly defined occasion, after dozens (hundreds?) of Suns Swag offerings, I’ve chosen to take our search off the beaten path that is eBay to explore the vast wilderness that is OfferUp.

This author has never actually purchased an item from OfferUp, though he has perused its wares. Near the beginning of the pandemic I thought I had the time, energy, and brain cells in reserve to learn the guitar. I found an axe that met my price point. The seller wanted me to pick up said axe at his residence near midnight. I did not buy said axe.

But fortunately, like eBay, OfferUp features a shipping component. You should lean on the shipping component. All prices listed are after shipping, and all sellers will hear offers. Check out what I found.

Cedric Ceballos Signed 8x10 and Signed Vinyl Record - $54

From the seller:

This is an autographed 8x10 picture and vinyl record that Cedric Ceballos signed. He signed both pieces at a signing done at Harley Davidson. The record is pretty cool in itself. He made this record with legendary rapper Warren G. Cedric Ceballos played for the Phoenix Suns where he won the slam dunk contest and was crowned dunk champion in 1992. He also played for the L.A. Lakers where he was voted in as an all star in 1995. He also played for the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, and the Miami Heat. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for looking! Asking $40 or best offer.

Ceballos’ best year in Phoenix came during the 1993-94 campaign in which he averaged 19 points and 6.5 rebounds. He was named an All-Star once, with the Lakers a year later. Seller is located in Chandler, Arizona.

Bleached Al McCoy Shirt - $23

SGA? Feels like an SGA. In any event, this is a gem, as is anything that features Al McCoy. A quick search of both OfferUp and eBay indicates these shirts, ‘bleached’ or otherwise, are in short supply. Seller is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Vintage Suns Metal Lunch Box - $23

This is a fantastic way to bring your lunch to work, and that is absolutely not a joke. If you’re not respected in the workplace because you bring an Amar’e Stoudemire metal lunch box with you daily, you were never respected to begin with. Seller lists the condition as new and is located in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Suns Gorilla Wooden Puzzle - $31

Puzzles are fantastic. Take it from the father of a two-year old in the times of lockdown. Seller states that this is new and unsealed. Pricey, in my opinion if you’re buying because you want a puzzle. Perhaps it’s more reasonable if you’re purchasing to add to your Suns memorabilia collection. Seller is located in Chandler, Arizona.

Bape x Suns Hat, Shoe Rack - $39

Ok, admittedly I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at. I don’t know Bape. This piece appears to be the Suns gorilla doing his best to properly display your hats and shoes. I’ve got some weird stuff like this, and I think the price is right. The seller is located in San Jose, California.

1993-94 Suns Signed Sweatshirt - $514

Ok, here’s a new one.

From the seller:

1993-1994 season Phoenix Suns Signatures On Matted and Framed Sweatshirt. Used to raise money for Solomon Schecter Day School (now King David School). Condition is Very Good. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Includes signatures from:

22 Danny Ainge SG

34 Charles Barkley PF

23 Cedric Ceballos SF

10 Duane Cooper PG

45 A.C. Green SF

4 Skeeter Henry SG

3 Frank Johnson PG

7 Kevin Johnson PG

9 Dan Majerle SG

25 Oliver Miller C

2 Elliot Perry PG

41 Mark West C

Estimated Value $500 by Heritage Auction Galleries

At that price point it seems that the buyer would need to have a connection to Solomon Schechter Day School. Either way it’s framed, matted, and ready for presentation. Seller is located in El Mirage, Arizona.

1991-92 Suns Signed Clock - $151

This conjures up some memories of looking up at the school clock and day-dreaming about how my Suns are certainly going to be crowned 1993 NBA Champions.

From the seller:

Phoenix Suns 1991-1992 Team Autographed

1980’S 13” Dayton School Industrial Electric Wall Clock MODEL 5H350B tested.

Jerry Colangelo, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Paul Westphal, Lionel Hollins, Joe Proski, Kevin Johnson, Tom Chambers, Dan Majerle, Kurt Rambis, Cedric Ceballos, Jeff Hornacek, Mark West, Andrew Lang, Tim Perry, Ed Nealy, Jerrod Mustaf, Negele Knight, Steve Burtt - 18 signatures total.

Seller is located in Peoria, Arizona.

Steve Nash Guitar Keychain - $8

And to pull everything together, here’s something that will fit anyone’s budget. It’s Steve Nash. On a guitar. And it’s a keychain. Why these two things came together, I don’t know. But I’m glad they did. Seller is located in Chandler, Arizona. Happy bidding!

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