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Suns still offer tremendous value at the sportsbook

Phoenix sits a game and a half back in the Pacific Division.

Charlotte Hornets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Despite blowing past expectations nine weeks into the truncated 2020-21 NBA campaign, oddsmakers continue to offer attractive betting options for your Phoenix Suns.

Are we ready to win it all? I don’t know that we are ready to win it all. But if you, intrepid opportunist, if you are convinced that we are ready to win it all, then commence to salivating.

A $100 dollar bet on the Suns to collect the Larry O’Brien trophy will set you up with a tidy profit of $4000. All these numbers are from Check it out:

Certainly that number has come down a little bit. In most places the Suns opened the season at +6000. Some online sportsbooks now have Phoenix as short as +3000, but you don’t have to look hard to find 40/1.

But maybe you think we’re just not ready yet. The numbers are still sexy to win the West.

  • Los Angeles Lakers+125
  • Los Angeles Clippers+250
  • Utah Jazz+450
  • Denver Nuggets+1200
  • Phoenix Suns+1800

See, this is why it’s a great time to be a Suns fan. The Lakers at +125? Get lost. I’m not getting out of bed for +125. But a profit of 1800 bucks? Now we’re talking. Money like that could finally get you that Legends Ultimate Arcade Keith you has have been looking at. Or the Legends Ultimate Mini. Or both.

But look, we’re being awfully optimistic. Lets talk about the more realistic steps that can be taken, right now, to achieve our short term financial goals. Here are odds to win the Pacific Division.

That is an attractive number, and it’s growing less attractive as the days pass. As recently as February 9th the Suns could be had at +3300 in some places. Still, 15/1 for a team that is just a game and a half out of the top spot in the Pacific ain’t bad. This blogger will be swinging by the Santa Fe Sports Book once he’s through at the acid mines.

The Suns have three with the Lakers and a pair with the Clippers remaining on the calendar. Important games if you’re going to get that home arcade.

This is not an endorsement to bet. It’s also not an endorsement to not bet.

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