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ESPN: Mikal Bridges film study with Mike Schmitz

We got some real insight into Mikal’s early career and his current role with the Suns

Have you noticed that Phoenix Suns small forward Mikal Bridges’ role has increased each year with the Suns in the same way that his role evolved with Villanova in college?

With Villanova, Bridges grew from a small role as a freshman to one of the best players on a National Champion.

Now on the Suns, Bridges has grown from a role player as a rookie to one of the best players on the league’s 3rd best team at the halfway point of the season.

A little eerie how similar those two arcs are, eh?

In both places, he was always a very good defender whose offensive role increased as his comfort level with his coaches increased. He’s not a play maker or ball handler, and is just fine taking what comes rather than having any plays run for him, so it takes a coach a while to realize just how impactful he can be as the energy/cutting/finishing guy.

Let’s hope he gets the same third-year outcome as he did in college...

For now, watch this great film study with ESPN’s Mike Schmitz, breaking down both careers at Villanova and with the Suns, focusing mostly on this season right now.

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