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Milestone Alert: Suns’ Chris Paul has reached 10,000 career assists

Congratulations, CP3!

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

In last night’s win against the Lakers, Chris Paul added to his Hall of Fame-worthy resume and showed why he is legendary.

Paul became the sixth player in NBA history to reach 10,000 assists (10,004 after the W) as well as the second youngest to do it.

Only John Stockton (15,806), former Phoenix distributors Jason Kidd (12,091) and Steve Nash (10,335), Mark Jackson (10,334) and Magic Johnson (10,141) have reached this amazing milestone.

It came about midway through the third quarter. CP3 brought the ball down the left side, sprinted off a double screen at the top of the key and lofted a perfect lob up to the big man Deandre Ayton who emphatically slammed it home.

With 35 games left this season, Paul should pass Magic and enter the top five. There is also a legitimate chance that he could pass Jackson and Nash by the end of the season and sit at third behind Kidd (who, as a Lakers assistant coach, was in attendance).

What did our point guard have to say?

Well, there was a joke answer because we know he stays calm and collected.

“I told the guys in the locker room I’ve got the easy job. I just pass it to them.”

Then there was the humble, acknowledging reply.

“It’s a blessing, first and foremost, just to play this long. That’s something I don’t take for granted. There’s a lot of guys I came in with who are coaching and can’t play.”

Head Coach Monty Williams was awestruck at his friend’s (rare to hear a coach call a player that but awesome) accomplishment.

“I just enjoy watching him get these achievements along the way. It’s amazing. I remember when he was in college at Wake Forest and no one could see this on the horizon. It comes down to a lot of hard work, sacrifice, an unreal family that he comes from and a dedication to the game.”

Monty added “I’m just grateful to be around Chris and enjoy moments like this. You don’t get 10,000 assists just by showing up.”

Paul’s backcourt partner and fellow All-Star Devin Booker had something to say as well.

“All the nicknames he gets, he fully deserves. ‘The Point God,’ everything. … You see no slippage.”

It’s amazing what Chris is able to do at this age and you have to love his attitude.

“I ain’t done,” Paul said. “I’m going to keep hoopin’.”

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