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Should the Phoenix Suns go after Blake Griffin?

To Blake or Not to Blake, That is the Griffin

Detroit Pistons v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Buyout season has officially begun and there’s a big name on the market.

Six-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin has agreed to a contract buyout with the Detroit Pistons. He’s been placed on waivers. Soon to be 32 years old, he’s expected to make a decision on his next team after conversations with prospective teams.

The Phoenix Suns are 24-11 and for the first time in a long while, they’re shoppers in the market.

Who else is in the running?

Brooklyn is considered the frontrunner for his services, as he could join up with DeAndre Jordan again and chase a title on one of the best teams in the association this season. With Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant on board that just seems unfair should he regain true form.

He could also go to L.A. whether that means a return to the Clippers or wearing purple and gold for the Lakers. Both have title inspirations and could use another big man.

The Heat and Warriors, who could make Jimmy Butler and Steph Curry (respectively) happy by bringing in another player who can help facilitate and create shots are other suitors.

Damian Lillard needs help on the Blazers with all the injuries on the roster but he won’t help them on defense.

So why would Blake come to Phoenix?

It would likely take a good amount of convincing to lure him to the Valley over those other teams but there are definitely reasons for him to consider the Suns.

The second best record in the West is nothing to scoff at. The rising Phoenix may be enticing.

Warm weather is always nice for an aging athlete. Phoenix has been known for its fountain of youth which could help revive not just his legs but his career.

Former teammate Chris Paul may want to reunite and re-joining forces with the best point guard he’s played with would have to be appealing.

Should the Suns be interested? Why?

This is tough and I could hear a valid argument with many points on either side. I, for one, am very high on Blake and would love him to come to the Valley.

Monty Williams clearly isn’t set on a starting power forward, as all three of Jae Crowder, Frank Kaminsky and Cam Johnson have started at least 9 games apiece. That’s his natural position.

Lately, it seems like Kaminsky is the hot start and Coach Monty seems to like having additional size, playmaking and spacing at the position. I like Frank the Tank. I really do. But there’s a REALLY good chance that Griffin could offer so much more of the same there.

No buyout find is a guarantee but you’re basically picking him up for free. Obviously they have to pay him but you know what I mean.

Injuries are one of the biggest concerns with him. They have seriously changed Griffin’s game, eliminating the high-flying savage dunks that lit up his All-Star career. For someone who made a name for himself off his wild slams, the man hasn’t recorded a dunk since December 6th, 2019. One and a half years ago.

Also, he’s only played a total of 38 games over the last two seasons. There is a legitimate chance that he could be washed, toast. For players that rely on athleticism, injuries like he’s had are career ending even if he’s physically on the court.

Well, even though they’d be nice, those “Whammos” as our legendary broadcaster Al McCoy calls them, aren’t necessary but extra. The offense in Phoenix is built around ball movement and making quick, smart decisions. He could do well at that.

He’s never been known as a defensive stalwart and many may want the team to look for a more than capable rim protector to back up Deandre Ayton at center. This season, Griffin has a total of 2 blocks in 626 minutes. That ain’t it if that’s what you’re looking for.

Once being able to score at will, he’s averaging a career-low in points per-game (12.3) and effectiveness at the rim (24.8%).

Those are some bad stats. I’ll give you that. However, before you say he’s done for, just know this. It wouldn’t be the first time a player’s numbers and effectiveness went WAY down due to not having desire to be where he is, waiting for another team to take a chance on him so he can reward them and show he still has something left in the tank. Nic Batum is the most recent example of this.

Detroit is in full rebuild mode and playing younger players was already given priority there. There is a big possibility that, as much as I don’t like to say it, he was checked out and waiting for his next team.

Blake was All-NBA just 2 seasons ago. In 2018-19, he was making 2.5 triples each night at a 36.2 percent clip while posting 24.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game.

Yes, that was a long time ago and there is a chance that there is almost nothing left in the tank. However, this is a low-risk, possibly high reward move. John Wall hadn’t stepped on the court for two years prior to this season and no one expected much out of him, either.

Yes or No

If you ask me, the Suns should definitely take a chance and go after Blake Griffin. That is, if Devin Booker is OK with his girl’s ex hanging around.

What do you say, Suns fans?


Should the Phoenix Suns go after Blake Griffin?

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