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Limited Edition Chris Paul thematic bobblehead on sale now!

FOCO limiting production to 300 pieces.

What better way to celebrate your Suns tear through the Western Conference than with the bobblehead of bobbleheads? That bobblehead is the Chris Paul thematic bobblehead, courtesy of the fine folks at FOCO.

Spectacular detail is an understatement.

This is no SGA. Not that there’s anything wrong with SGA’s, but come on.

FOCO last immortalized one of our Suns with a Deandre Ayton thematic bobblehead in his rookie season.

Now wouldn’t those look just lovely next to one another in your office. Particularly if there are Lakers fans in your office. As there are in my office.

The CP3 bobblehead is limited to a production of 300 and are sale now for $50. Orders are expected to ship in August. The Ayton piece can be had for $45.

Give them a look at

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