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Milestone Alert: Chris Paul will soon become the first 20,000-10,000 player

The Suns point guard is climbing a steep mountain to call his own.

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Will Navarro/NBAE via Getty Images

I’ve written several times on Chris Paul but there’s so much more to say. Every day he adds to his story. Many times have I said this and I’ll keep saying it. We are witnessing history.

This season, he entered the top five in NBA history in total steals in his career.

This season, he entered the top five in NBA history in total assists in his career.

Yes, that could be said in the same sentence but it takes away the impact of saying it twice, one for each accomplishment.

CP3. Point God. Whatever you want to call him, he is etching his name in the all-time record books and not just in one spot.

Now, he’s very close to climbing a mountain that he will be the first to claim.

He will sit there all by himself, at least for a while, and very few will ever join him there.

That mountain? It’s called the 20,000 Points and 10,000 Assists Peak.

Chris is almost there as he currently has 19,936 points and 10,258 assists, which puts him just 64 points away from a seat at the top of that Mount Everest.

With 3 games left in the season, there is a chance he does it this season. That would mean he’d need to average 21.3 points per game but that isn’t too tough of a task, especially since he’s on a tear lately. Over his last 13 games, he’s scoring 19.2 points per.

The only other player that will likely be able to join him in the near future is LeBron James. He’s 318 assists shy, so it would take him around 41 more games if he kept his current season average of 7.8 dimes.

Next, and the only other player I can see POSSIBLY getting to the top for a third seat next to those two, is Russell Westbrook. He’s quite a distance back but he could get there. Russ is 1,966 assists shy so it would take him another 168 games at his current 11.7 per game average. The way he plays, that’s asking a lot on his body, but you can’t say he can’t do it with how he’s balled out lately.

That’s it. That’s the party and Paul will be hosting it.

CP3. That’s our Point God.

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