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It was a record setting season for the Suns

Phoenix finished the regular season with numerous franchise bests.

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

I like stats. I like seeing who wins things. I like looking at this season’s Suns team and seeing where they ranked in the regular season compared to other Suns teams in franchise history.

Because, let me tell you, there were a lot of first place finishes. That surely helped them win the Pacific Division for the seventh time in Suns history.

Bombs Away

The Suns set franchise records for the following categories relative to beyond the arc:

  • 3PM per-game (13.1) and 3PA per-game (34.6). Previous record: 2019-20 - 11.4 and 31.8
  • Total 3PM – 940. Previous record: 2005-06 - 837
  • Total 3PA - 2,490. Previous record: 2018-19 - 2,400

The 2020-21 Suns made 1.7 more three-pointers on 2.8 more attempts per-game than their previous record setting season last year. Even in a shortened season, they made 103 more treys than the 2005-06 team and let it fly 90 more times than the 2018-19 team.

More Offense

We just witnessed of the great offensive seasons for Phoenix:

  • 2PT% - 56.3%. Previous record: 2007-08 - 53.8%
  • FT% - 83.44%. Previous record: 2019-20 - 83.39%

The Suns set the regular season record for free-throw percentage last season and were actually better this year. The Los Angeles Clippers shot 83.9% to set the new standard in the league.

Threes aren’t the only way this team beats the opponent as they made 2.5% more of their two-pointers than the 2007-08 team. Also, for the second season in a row they set a new mark for free throw percentage.

Taking Care of the Ball

The addition of Chris Paul equated to better ball security. Makes sense, right? The guy who handles the ball the most and has a history of stellar assist-to-turnover ratios will produce fewer lost possessions. The proof is in the numbers:

  • Fewest turnovers-per-game - 12.5. Previous record: 2005-06 - 13.3

An underrated part of the game is being able to control the rock because a turnover often leads to points for the other team. This year’s squad didn’t need to worry about that much as they committed 0.8 less turnovers than the 2005-06 team.


This team has had much more of a defensive feel to it throughout the season. Having Chris Paul and Jae Crowder join the team, coupled with Mikal and Deandre’s growth, will do that for you:

  • Defensive rebounds-per-game - 34.2. Previous record: 2017-18 - 33.9
  • Fewest 2PTM per-game - 28.9. Previous record: 1999-00 - 29.5
  • Fewest 2PTA per-game - 53.7. Previous record: 2019-20 Suns - 55.4

Believe it or not, this is a good rebounding group as they grabbed 0.3 more defensive rebounds per game than the 2017-18 team. Also, they allowed 0.6 less two-pointers and 1.4 fewer two-point attempts than those before them. This makes sense as the number of three-point attempts has risen in the modern NBA.

This is a really good team overall and it’s crazy to see how many firsts this year’s squad was able to notch in the franchise’s record books.

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