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Locked On Suns Thursday: Play-in recap, Lakers observations, and an early first-round preview

Initial thoughts on the Suns-Lakers first-round playoff series.

It’s finally here. After weeks of wondering whether the first round of the playoffs would feature a classic Suns-Lakers clash, we got our answer on Wednesday night as a LeBron James dagger took down Golden State, 103-100. The game showed us that James and Anthony Davis still aren’t at the peak of their powers, while the Lakers’ rotation is still in flux. But what else did we see, and should the Suns really be scared of the Lakers’ size? More preview content to come throughout the week, but today it’s time to open the notebook and ask a few other early questions, such as whether Andrew Wiggins gave us the blueprint for how Mikal Bridges can slow LeBron down, and whether the Suns can beat L.A.’s defense with ball and player movement like the Warriors did.

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