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Game 3 Pregame: Phoenix Suns fans, this team wants revenge more than we do

Get hyped!

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns - Game Two Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

An L doesn’t ever feel good and when it comes at home in the playoffs, to a longtime rival, now that brings even more pain.

You can say all you want about Game 2 but it’s over and the series is 1-1. Now, the Suns are in Los Angeles for Game 3 and another story will be written.

The fun part about getting punched in the mouth is you get to wipe off that blood, smile and say “My turn.”

You better believe this squad is ready to counter.

That Lakers team that bloodied the Suns’ lip in Game 2 was desperate and backed into the corner of the ring. They didn’t want to think about going down 0-2.

A better way to look at that W for L.A. is that it came at a good time for Phoenix. Our team, and us as fans, know what we want and that was a taste of having it taken away. You better believe these Suns are going to go all out to prevent that from happening.

The motto for this series is the same for the players and coaching staff as it is for us.

At first, I was really bummed out about the loss, as I’m sure many of you were. Then, I started thinking. We have all seen what this team does when they get punched in the mouth.

Here’s a little statistic. The last six times this season’s Suns lost at home, they bounced back to the tune of a 6-0 record in their next game. That’s right. They won each time. Oh, and they had a +14.0 average point differential.

Yeah, when they take that right hook to the jaw, they let out a growl and it’s over.

I’m not worried about two games in Los Angeles. Here’s another statistic. Phoenix had the best record in the NBA this season on the road. They were 24-12 (.667).

For anyone saying “But it’s a good team in the Lakers”, the Suns went 27-11 (.711) against teams that were .500 or better this season.

All of us are worried about Chris Paul, our Point God, but he’s a fighter and if there’s a chance he can be on that court he will be.

Here’s an inspirational photo from the team plane on the way to L.A. for Game 3.

He looks OK, folks.

To those that are appalled by Jae Crowder’s 1-of-13 three-point shooting so far this series, in those 6 bounce-back games I spoke of earlier he made 19 of his 39 treys (48.7%).

“Mikal Bridges needs to show up” say some of you. He shot 58.8% from the field and 55% from deep and averaged 14.5 points in those games.

They’re more ready than you or I want them to be and I fully expect them to come to play.

If CP3 can be even 80% and Warden and Bossman show up, while Book and Dominayton continue to play at a high level, the Lakers will pay for their Game 2 antics.

Devin Booker is thinking about those words from Kobe, “Be Legendary.” He’s averaging 32.5 points in his first two playoff games.

DA is thinking about all that hate and criticism he’s got this season and has jumped to another level entirely, at times being the best player on a court featuring Book, LeBron and AD.

He’s made 21 of his 24 shots this series, an amazing 87.5% percentage.

I’m not worried about these Suns. They’ve been counted out all season. This is just one more time they need to prove the NBA world wrong and get one step closer to their ultimate goal.

Let’s Go!!!

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