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FOCO drops another limited edition Phoenix Suns bobblehead

This time it’s a guy named Devin Booker. And it’s on sale now.

The fine folks at FOCO found it fitting to follow last month’s news of their new Chris Paul bobblehead with another gem for the Phoenix faithful. Today preorders are open for their limited edition Devin Booker City Jersey bobblehead. Booker is, by all accounts, a solid contributor in Phoenix.

A beauty, isn’t it? A nice compliment to your CP3 and Deandre Ayton pieces. Here’s a look for the unfamiliar.

The Chris Paul piece can still be preordered. Production is limited to 300 and as of about 4:30pm PT yesterday there were less than 20 remaining.

The Devin Booker bobblehead is even more exclusive. Preorders are live for 221 lucky fans. Or 110 lucky fans if you want to keep one for yourself and give Mom a late Mother’s Day gift. She birthed you.

The Booker bobble is $50 and will ship in September. The CP3 is the same price and will be out the door in August. The Ayton can be had for $45 and is available now.

All are available at

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