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Suns coming home to the ‘Best fans in the NBA’ for Game 5 on Monday

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The Phoenix Suns have the luxury of not only a 15-man roster plus coaches, trainers and staffers around them to win in these NBA playoffs.

They also have tens of thousands of rabid Suns fans at their backs, helping them win games they might not have been favored to win. The arena has been louder than any I’ve ever heard — and I’ve been going to Suns games for decades — and the vibe around the city has just been tremendous. Yesterday, I saw a dozen popup T-shirt and memorabilia stands on street corners helping to Rally the Valley.

Now, Chris Paul gets to back in the fan adulation once again on Monday night.

“Man, we going home,” he said after the Suns win in LA on Saturday. “We going home to the best fans in the league. PHOENIX!”

Paul also commented on how great it was to see so many fans traveled to LA for Game 4, and had been so excited to see them in Game 3 and 4 in Denver last series.

Now he’s excited to soak in the cheers of a full arena first-hand on Monday night. In the postgame presser afterward, Paul had more to say about the Suns home crowds and fan excitement.

“Going back home, I didn’t get a chance to feel that energy in Game 1 and 2,” Paul said. “I was at the crib with my family, so I’m excited to go back to Phoenix. I ain’t been in Phoenix in a while.”

Paul was in quarantine for COVID-19 protocols through both Suns home games last week versus the Clippers, so he missed the energy in the crowd. Despite what a foolish local radio talking head said, the Suns crowd in those games was electric and helped them take a 2-0 series despite missing their All-NBA leader.

The Suns have been hosting Road Rallies at the arena throughout the playoffs. For $10 you can sit in the lower bowl and watch the Suns road games on the BIG screen, cheering them on as if you’re at the same yourself.

Last night, at least 10,000 fans took the Suns up on that offer.

Here’s a view courtesy of Vince Marotta, the Suns PA announcer during games. He hosted last night’s Road Rally.

Our own Fanning the Flames podcast host, Justin, shares this pic from the arena last night as well.

What an incredible environment!

Now the Suns have a chance to close out the Western Conference Finals in game 5 on Monday night, right in front of these fans and 6,000+ more of their friends as the Suns host the Clippers.

After closing out both series on the road earlier these playoffs, I can’t wait to hear these fans with a chance to carry the team to victory in a closeout game on Monday.

Go Suns fans!

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