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Bucks even series against the Suns with a 109-103 win

Booker historic play isn’t enough to overcome CP3’s mistakes.

NBA: Finals-Phoenix Suns at Milwaukee Bucks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The final reads: Bucks 109, Suns 103.

Devin Booker played out of him mind, and put up one of the best performance we have ever seen in an NBA Finals. It was not enough and a lot of it had to do with the play from mental mistakes from Chris Paul.

Not to put the blame on one player, but an ok game from the point God would have carried the Suns to a 3-1 lead, but back to Phoenix we go with it all tied up.

1st Half

The nerves are back and probably never left as soon as Booker drained the first shot of the game. Trying to answer the critics early, Booker and the Suns were off and running to match the intensity of the Bucks home crowd.

The Bucks spent the first timeout of the game, after four of the five Suns starters get a bucket to start the game on a 10-4 run.

Booker wrapped up another four points for the Suns to bring their lead to 16-9 after Bridges continues a sweet stroke from the paint.

The only thing that held the suns back from going up double digits was the poor play from Chris Paul and two really bad turnovers. He was then replaced by Cam Payne, in hopes to lift the offense up another notch.

After a Bobby Portis three-point make from the corner, timeout goes to the Suns. Still with a 18-14 lead, the mistakes have to be minimal, but the defense was looking a lot sharper in the first quarter for the Suns.

Payne, offensively was not there right away, but defensively he was a pest. Poking the ball away and gaining an extra step on him his opponent.

Tough looks at the rim again for Book this game, had him missing buckets near the rim. Hopefully he can remain composed and finish this game in style.

The amount of shots made by the Bucks in the paint after they lost the ball was unbelievable. The bounce was going to the Bucks in the first but they still trailed 23-20 after one quarter of play.

The Suns started the 2nd quarter with a smaller lineup without Ayton. Giannis was then starting to get to the rim. The Suns looked to draw fouls, but nothing was blowing.

Straight to the rim, possession after possession for the Bucks, Giannis or not.

Jae Crowder saved the Suns with back to back three point makes. The only thing to keep this Suns team in the game.

The Bucks were able to tie the game at 33 with extra possessions and fast breaks after missed shots by the Suns. It was a difficult task for the Suns to stop the Bucks on the defensive end and having to foul them when close to the rim.

Every possession down, Chris Middleton was impossible to stop, but Booker was there to answer after a great looking pull up and a wide open layup. Then another layup and another pull up from midrange. eight straight points from the superstar to put the Suns up by 2.

Tac on two more points for Book with two made free throws.

Booker... again. And that gave him 20 points already in the first half. He has stepped up, now it is time for Paul to step up at some time.

A much better ending to the first half for the Suns this game, even with the scored tied at 52.

2nd Half

Just when the Suns looked to take the big lead, again, turnover after turnover. Up by 5, the Bucks should have been down by more. Then another turnover for Ayton. It was very disappointing.

Booker was able to take care of the Giants inside, and get to the rim and luckily the Bucks were making just as many mistakes as the Suns to start the second half.

59-54, Suns. And it was not pretty. Timeout called by the Bucks.

The Suns at this time in the game, would look better on the floor without Paul on the floor. He needed to slow it down and just play point guard.

But, the Suns have Booker, and he was playing like an MVP to start the 3rd quarter.

The game that Booker wanted to have last game, was happening tonight, carrying quarter to quarter.

Booker out with his fourth foul called. Paul then hit the next two shots.

Booker back in and he was back to work. 32 points for him before the 3 minute mark in the 3rd. The shots are contested, but the finish on the shots end under the net.

Up by 7, the Suns got a big three by Payne and Booker was still dominating even with the hot chick picking her nose in the front row. Nothing can distract him.

At the end of 3. Suns 82, Bucks 76.

The 4th and final quarter began with a Cam Johnson 3!

Booker, picking up his 5th foul, he had to sit, but Cam looked to pick the offense up with a huge mid range make. The wide open ones are always the hardest to make.

89-86 with 7:43 left in the game, and it might have been time for Paul to take over. Drawing fouls and getting to the line is his type of game.

Ayton was hiding on offense with mismatches every possession leading to bad shots taken by Paul. Flopping Crowder was there to slow the game down and hold the lead until Booker got back into the game.

Johnson hit huge shots this game and hit another putting the Suns up by 5.

Mental mistakes by Paul and Booker led to the Bucks cutting the lead to 1 point. A game that looks like they want to give away more then win. But there was still 3:30 left in the game and it was up for grabs.

99-99 with 2-minutes left and I could not feel my fingers at this moment.

Paul could not get it together to finish the game, costing the Suns the game. A decent game from him would have won the game for the Suns.

Suns lose: 109-103

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