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Suns/Olympics merch through Bright Side, including Booker jersey

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All of these designs are special memories of the 2021 season, playoffs and Olympics...and they give Bright Side some referral credits too!

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The season is over but the memories remain forever!

Take the chance to get a Booker Olympics jersey — only a few left! — and a Finals memory or two with a T-shirt or hat, or both!

Get your FANATICS Suns gear right here, and give Bright Side some referral credit by using the links right here!

First up: Book’s Olympics jersey

Olympics: Basketball-Men Group A - FRA-USA Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Network

Suns FINALS T-shirt or Hat!

Valley-Oop T-shirt

And finally there’s our special Valley-Oop T-shirt from BreakingT — the best selling shirt we’ve ever had on BSotS — to commemorate the craziest playoff win of the year! This design has the play design and final score right there.

Fanatics is a licensed seller of all kinds of gear. Click the links above to give Bright Side credit for the referral.

Happy Shopping!