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Time to regroup as a Suns fan after the game 5 loss

Phoenix Suns fans are turning on each other, the players, and the coaches. But are they really?

NBA: Finals-Milwaukee Bucks at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It can be easy for family and friends to turn on each other in desperate and devastating situations. The Suns fandom is what we would like to think of as a giant relationship by the thousands. With bandwagoners and lifelong fans, we need to accept that these people made their decision in life and it is too late to go back. We are all in this together, but with a season on the brink of flatlining Tuesday night, it is currently bringing out the worst in us.

During the Suns JAM Session post game podcasts, I will reflect on Chris Paul’s play during the last two games as not good enough. In no way does it mean that everything he has brought to this team is just now thrown out the door. It means that, like most players, we take each game one at a time. And in two games, to me, he has not been playing at a championship level.

Paul would probably tell you the same thing, but we like to jump down each other’s throats, while not really paying attention to the point, and only listening to your current agitating thoughts. One bad thing said on Twitter, and out the door with you too. This is what being a fan is. It is the pain coming out in text and words, just to throw something out there for a response.

There really isn’t a correct way to go about the current situation with the Suns having their backs against the walls, but to pick each other apart and put them on the streets does not seem right. I can bet that most of us really don’t truly mean what we say about each other, and just really want to win.

Here are some ways to overcome and slow down your poisoned adrenalin.

Stay off of Twitter

If you take a step back and ask yourself if twitter is helping in a positive way, especially during a game where the Suns are struggling to gain a lead in a must win game five, what would be the answer? Probably, no.

Focus on what is in front of you, and how the game is being played. Your neighbor that lives hundreds of miles away tweeting, “the Suns suck!” is not going to help the little strength you do have left in not giving up on this team.

You, as a fan, can have your own opinion, your own analysis, and your own supporting system of sheep who are at your house to eat the free pizza and drink the free beer. Extending your attention anywhere past those walls, might get you into trouble.

But, if twitter is what you do, then just do it.

Sports hate is ok

Bill Simmons of The Ringer is always saying that sports hate is ok, and is separate from real life hate.

What you scream at your TV in intense and unbalanced situations during these playoff/ finals games should be ok. We all know you don’t truly mean it and it is ok to let it out. The players can not hear you, but be careful in what you do say, because there is a line. Also, Santa is still watching you.

For example: As a fan, I hate LeBron James during a playoff series. For me to say I hate him as a human being is kind of psychotic. Unless you truly know the man, it is unfair to judge.

Try a different way to watch the game

Al McCoy will guide me through game six. ESPN has been hard to watch and even listen to. To calm myself, I will begin game six by only listening. Then, maybe I will join the broadcast, but on mute.

I have heard from many die hard Suns fans that they might not even watch the game. Are they any less of a fan? No. They just can’t stand to take the pain if the Suns were to fall in game six.

I still believe the series will head back to the Phoenix for game seven, and if so, I will begin the game with Al McCoy again, in case he was my good luck charm.

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