The Olympics a great opportunity for us to find some talent

First of all, I want to quickly introduce myself. I'm a die-hard Suns fan since the early 90s from Mexico. Just as most of you, I've been through the thick and thin with this team, and I was elated with our run to the Finals. However, now that it's all said and done, it's clear this team needs improvements, both from within and from the outside.

Now that the Olympics are underway, I am really looking forward for the basketball tournament to begin. Of course, it's the US' gold to lose, but teams like France, Argentina, Slovenia and Spain should give a hell of a fight. I was thinking how the hated Spurs built a dynasty relying on international players that weren't even lottery picks: Parker, Ginobili, Oberto. When discussing ways to improve the Suns, fans always fantasize about signing (or trading for) player "X" or "Y" from other NBA teams, but I think there must be many players in other leagues that could come a lot cheaper and be important pieces for a championship team (with emphasis on CHEAPER since soon it will be time to pay our own guys).

Thanks to those of you who read and comment. I've been an avid reader of this forum for a while, but I'm just making the jump to actively participating. Let's hope for a terrific offseason orchestrated by James Jones, and for the 2021-2022 season to end with those extra 2 wins...

Go Suns!