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Solar Panel: Free Agency Roundup with Dan Favale & Keith Smith

Dave discusses winners and losers of free agency, and where the Suns rank now with a pair of guests

Dave King brings you a special mid-week episode with guests Dan Favale (Bleacher Report, Hardwood Knocks pod) and Keith Smith (Spotrac, Front Office Show pod and CelticsBlog).

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On today’s show, we cover a ton of topics on free agency and where the Suns stand after the music stopped.

Topics include...

  • What was the most shocking signing or trade you saw in free agency? (good or bad)
  • What’s your opinion on ‘tampering’?
  • Which contender improved themselves the most?
  • Which contender got worse?
  • Which low playoff team is now a contender?
  • Which low playoff team got worse?
  • Which lottery team improved the most?
  • Which lottery team got worse?
  • How would you grade the Suns free agency?
  • Where do the Suns now rank in the West? Are there repeat chances better or worse after free agency?
  • Do the Suns need another superstar to get back to the Finals?
  • What other moves do they need to make?

Listen to it right here.

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