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Solar Panel: Suns in West tiers, top duos with Michael Pina + bestseller Mirin Fader

Dave talks with Micheal Pina (, Open Floor pod) on where the Suns fit in his West tiers and top duos, then Mirin Fader (Ringer) joins us to discuss her book, the Finals, and her next project

Dave King is joined by Michael Pina, a writer and podcaster with Sports Illustrated. He does the Open Floor podcast with co-hosts Rohan Nadkarni and Chris Herring. It’s a great show, you should check it out!

In the past week, Michael and Rohan have covered top 10 duos in the NBA and West tiers. Michael answers a series of questions, including:

  1. Why do you hate Devin Booker?
  2. You didn’t even include injured duos, like Jokic/Murray and Kawhi/PG. How far down would Booker/Paul fall if everyone was healthy?
  3. You predicted the Suns would finish 4th in the West. Is that because the Suns you think the Suns will regress, or because other teams are blowing past them?
  4. Do the Suns need to make a big change to get back to the Finals?
  5. What do you see as Ayton’s ceiling? Bridges ceiling?
  6. Which team will surprise, like last year’s Suns?
  7. How much should Ayton and Bridges each get in their extensions?

Part 2 is with Mirin Fader to discuss her new book on Giannis, to recap the Finals, bring up a profile she did on Michael Bridges way back in college, and to convince her to write The Book on Book next!

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