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Suns Free Agency: Welcome JaVale McGee!

Phoenix has added a much needed rim protector.

United States v Iran Men’s Basketball - Olympics: Day 5 Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

One of the biggest issues on the Phoenix Suns' roster was very clear entering the offseason. Phoenix needed a proven rim protector.

Well, they just reached an agreement with a veteran that provides exactly that.

This is likely being done by splitting the MLE. That is a bit but it’s a very solid move. He provides the Suns with the ability to plug their biggest hole which was very visible in the NBA Finals when Giannis (sad but true) walked all over us.

Not only does he protect the hoop but he is a shot blocker (1.2 in only 14.7 minutes per game this past season).

Dario Saric will likely be out for most, if not all, of this coming season. Neither he nor Frank Kaminsky were known for being the kind of presence inside that the 7’0”, 270-pound McGee is.

If you’re wondering about him on the offensive end, he doesn’t provide much but he doesn’t need to. And he is efficient on that end and will likely be even more this coming season in Phoenix.

I’m looking forward to seeing him in the pick-and-roll attack and witnessing a few of his powerful dunks mixed in with his “don’t bring that in here” blocks.

Welcome, JaVale!

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