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Devin Booker USA Basketball Flag Series bobblehead released!

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Celebrate your boy Devin Booker and the United States men’s national basketball team capturing another gold medal at the 2020 (21?) Toyko Olympics with this beautiful bobble from the fine folks at FOCO.

Move fast, this is another limited-edition piece. Just 221 will be produced, and it will run you sixty bucks. You can pick it up here.

Devin Booker’s not your favorite Olympian? Well, what’s the matter with you? No matter. Several gold medal winners are celebrated on both the men’s and women’s side, and there are winners going all the way back to 1960 as well. Click here to peruse the entire collection.

These limited-edition bobbleheads are sure to ship by December 17th. Sounds like a pretty sweet Christmas gift. As an owner of a handful of FOCO bobbleheads I can confirm that the craftsmanship is spectacular. They’re a mighty fine addition to the collection of any fan. Pre-order now!