Praytell, why the doesn't the league investigate trades like this?

I wouldn't call this a Woj bomb, but I find it hella curious:

Los Angeles Lakers again trade Marc Gasol to Memphis Grizzlies, who plan to waive veteran

Ok. Usually deals like this are made as salary dumps, so the Fakers must be offering something enticing to the Grizzlies, to take on Gasol's salary (as the Grizzlies will have to pay him to waive him) right?

The Los Angeles Lakers traded Marc Gasol, a 2024 second-round pick and cash ($250,000) to Memphis on Friday.


Gasol had a $2.7 million deal for the 2021-22 season

So why are the Fakers doing this?

The Lakers will save approximately $10 million in salary and luxury tax and acquire the draft rights to Memphis' Wang Zhelin.

So the Grizzlies are gonna pay in excess of $2 million (and give up a player of little monetary value) for what amounts to a late second round pick 3 years from now?

This is absolutely bullshit. The Fakers get their salary dump and Memphis gets what amounts to paying for the privilege of kissing the Fakers' ass? There is no way there isn't something illegal going on. The league should veto this and investigate what is really happening.