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Bright Side additions and updates

Welcome new members of the writing team!

Digitization in everyday life Photo by Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images

I am proud to announce that Bright Side will be expanding its staff for the 2021-22 season. The world is full of talented writers and we’re bringing more of them to you!

While I am sad that long time contributor Brendon Kleen is moving on to bigger and better, I’m also proud to know he is joining a long line of those who used their Bright Side experience to climb the ladder of their professional lives. We don’t offer a living wage here, but we do offer a large stage on which to grow as a writer and storyteller in a community that is welcoming and voracious.

Join me in applauding some new additions to the writing team!

SDKyle (Kyle Glazier) is graduating from years in the Bright Side comment threads and the weekly FanTable in Center of the Sun posts. Jeff Gallimore recently penned an article on Shawn Marion’s legacy, while Rodrigo Caetano put together a really great offseason analysis in a recent Fanpost. All three showed their self-starting initiative and writing chops and answered the call when I needed new talent on the staff.

You might also have noticed some changes on the podcast front. The Suns JAM Session pod has moved to a new network, though John Voita and Matthew Lissy will remain on staff here as writers. My own podcast, the Solar Panel, has lost Espo and Saul Bookman to a new media network to be unveiled later this week. It’s not all bad news though! Fanning the Flames, the O.G. of Suns podcasts, is still going strong on its once-a-week-or-was-that-once-a-month format and the Solar Panel is getting better and better.

We are looking for podcasting talent to supplement the ranks! We need a new podcast on the Bright Side network with new, interesting voices who can post once or more a week. If you have a podcast already, or have experience with podcasting, hit me up with an email (click through my profile to get the email address).

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