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Cedric Ceballos, former Phoenix Suns star, is in ICU with COVID-19

Get well, Ced!

Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular - Arrivals Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

Some sad news came out yesterday when Cedric Ceballos posted on social media that he is in the ICU and has been there battling COVID-19 for 10 days now, 11 counting today.

He posted a photo and some words on his Twitter page.

If for whatever reason you can’t see the picture, it shows him wearing a breathing machine and he says “On my 10th day in ICU. COVID-19 is officially kicking my butt. I am asking ALL family, friends, prayer warriors, healers for your prayers and well wishes for my recovery. If I have done anything to you in the past, allow me to publicly apologize. My fight is not done…Thx.”

The Phoenix Suns Twitter page responded telling him “Stay strong, Ced! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

Suns fans of all ages should know Ced. He was a fan favorite, drafted by the team in 1990 and playing for us from 1990-94.

He was a part of the 1992-93 Suns Finals team. That season he led the NBA in field goal percentage (57.6%).

Wearing a blindfold, he won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1992.

Ceballos played for the L.A. Lakers from 1994 to 1997 where he was named an All-Star once before returning to the Valley for the 1997-98 season.

In retirement, he competed in the CBS series “The Amazing Race” with former Suns All-Star Shawn Marion.

You may also know him as Game Night Emcee, where he kept the crowd pumped up during breaks at America West Arena running contest, interviewing celebrities in attendance and hosting the halftime shows.

Let’s hope he’s able to beat this thing as his health conditions make this even rougher on him. Prior heart issues are a risk factor for COVID-19 patients and the second cousin of the late Kobe Bryant has encountered serious health problems before including a series of heart attacks in 2012 and surgery on his blocked arteries.

This virus is no joke and my heart goes out to all those that have had to deal with it and are dealing with it. If you know people that are fighting it, my thoughts and prayers are with them as well. I’ve had family that has fought through it and lost a friend to it (RIP Tomas).

If you’re a religious or spiritual individual, say a prayer for Ced and all those battling this. To those that aren’t, just send good thoughts and vibes.

As he said, he isn’t done fighting. But he needs a miracle.

Get well, Ced!

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