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Booker, Paul, Ayton all among early leaders in All-Star voting among fans

The trio who led the Phoenix Suns to the Finals last year are well-liked among fans

2021 NBA Finals - Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks

Just a quick note to share the NBA’s release of early All-Star voting.

Phoenix Suns stars Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton are all among the top 10 in their grouping (position, conference) in early All-Star voting by fans, who count for 50% of the voting power for STARTERS in the All-Star game.

Fan voting continues for three more weeks, until January 22.

Only two guards and three forwards will be named STARTERS once the fan (50%), media (25%) and players (25%) votes are tallied and weighted.

The NBA coaches will exclusively pick the remaining players to round out a 12-man Western Conference team, including two more guards, three more forwards, and two wild cards of any position. Last year, the wild cards went to guards, making the West 6-deep in guards.

This is the highest that either Booker or Ayton have ever reached at this stage of fan voting. Booker’s best finish in fan voting was 6th among guards, while Ayton has never gotten into the top 10 until now.

How You Can Vote:

Through the NBA app and on the NBA’s website, fans can fill out one ballot per day, selecting two guards and three frontcourt players from each conference.

Additionally, votes can be cast through Twitter by tweeting, retweeting, or replying with a hashtag of a player’s first and last name (i.e. #DevinBooker) or Twitter handle (i.e. @DevinBook) along with the hashtag #NBAAllStar. Each tweet may include only one player, and fans may vote for 10 unique players each day.

In other words, this tweet would NOT fly:

#DevinBooker #ChrisPaul #DeandreAyton #MikalBridges #NBAAllStar

And this tweet would only be worth one vote:

#DevinBooker #DevinBooker #DevinBooker #NBAAllStar

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