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NBA DraftKings Odds: TNT Thursday Night slate is a chance to make some money

We win some bets, we’ll buy the Suns together!

LA Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

How about that Phoenix Suns victory last night, eh? It was compelling, it was suspenseful, and it was only game one of the season!

It’s fantastic that basketball is back, and with the start of the NBA season comes the opportunity to put a little coin in your pocket. Sports betting in the state of Arizona has been quite the difference maker over the past year. It went live September 9, 2021 and since then it’s made all games engaging, even those that aren’t from involving the Suns. Personally, I made a little coin off of Deandre’s performance last night. His over on points was 17.5 on DraftKings, with odds of +100. Thank you DA for scoring 18!

As we continue to embrace the gambling world and how much fun it brings to the sport that we love, we’re gonna be putting together a weekly series highlighting opportunities to enhance your viewing experience. The beautiful thing is, the Phoenix Suns are going to be featured in many of these games, as they have plenty of nationally televised games this season. But we’re gonna start off looking at tonight’s doubleheader on TNT.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

MIL Spread: +4 (-115) Moneyline: +145

PHI Spread: -4 (-105) Moneyline: -170

Giannis is a beast and the Milwaukee Bucks are highly favored to make a run again to the NBA Finals. Perhaps they could have last season, but the injury to Khris Middleton in the postseason ultimately cost them a chance at a repeat. Middleton remains out as he is recovering from left wrist surgery. This will be the season opener for the Bucks and they are on the road in Philadelphia.

Oh, Philadelphia. What are you going to be this season? Joel Embiid remains a force in the middle, and while James Harden has “slimmed” down this season, the question is whether or not he’s the second best player on this team. Tyrese Maxey is proving to be a steal in the draft after being selected 21st overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. He scored 17.5 points per game last season and in Philadelphia’s opener – a loss at the hands of the Boston Celtics – he scored 21 points on 8-of-16 shooting.

Betting Advice: I like it upset. I like Giannis. I like him rising to the occasion, playing with the ferocity that he possesses, and attacking Joel Embiid, beating him with his athleticism on a regular basis. So not only would I take the Bucks moneyline, I would also take the over on Giannis’s points, which currently sits at 30.5 with -125 odds.

Use DraftKings Same Game Parlay feature, put those together for +265 odds. Book it and enjoy the money.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers

LAC Spread: -5 (-110) Moneyline: -245

LAL Spread: +5 (-110) Moneyline: +190

It’s hard to write about the battle of LA without noting that the Los Angeles Lakers are a discombobulated mess at this point. This is a season in which LeBron James will surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the all-time leading scorer in NBA history, and the team might end up being a play-in team. They got absolutely smoked by the Golden State Warriors in their season opener, and now they are taking on a Clippers team that is projected to have 52.5 wins this season.

The Clippers are a team that we truly haven’t seen as a cohesive unit since the 2021 playoffs. It was in those players that Kawhi Leonard went down, and they haven’t been the same. They have the talent and they have the roster, on paper. But until we see it on the court, we’re not really sure who and what this team is. The addition of John Wall? That is a question mark. He has played a total of 72 games in the last four seasons.

Betting Advice: This is one of those games that you don’t need to overthink. Simply take the Clippers moneyline. -245 is not much of a return, so if you’d like to Same Game Parlay this one, add the Clippers’ Reggie Jackson making 2+ three-pointers in this game. It’s -120 odds, but when parlayed with the Clips moneyline, it makes the bet +150. Do it. I did.

I hope you like this new weekly installment. We’ll track how my bets do throughout this season and hopefully we make some money together.

Let’s put $1 on each bet, okay? If the Bucks v. 76ers bet hits, that’s $2.65 in the bank. If the Clippers vs. Lakers bet hits, that’s $1.50. So right now we’re -$2.00.

Who knows? Maybe we do so well that we end up buying the Suns from Sarver!

Check out DraftKings Sportsbook, the official sportsbook partner of SB Nation.

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