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Chris Haynes on Jae Crowder: ‘It’s definitely not true of the narrative being pushed about me starting or not.’

A quote from Jae Crowder was relayed to the masses during TNT’s broadcast last night.

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The Phoenix Suns / Jae Crowder situation is still looming in the desert. The drought for finding his replacement in the rotation feels like it’ll be never-ending at this point.

NBA Insider and TNT sideline reporter Chris Haynes executed an in-game report regarding the Jae Crowder situation in Phoenix on Tuesday night.

‘It’s definitely not true of the narrative being pushed about me starting or not.’

Hayes stated: “Jae Crowder and the team agreed that he would stay away while the team looks for a trade, and (Crowder) hasn’t spoken about this situation since it transpired.”

Chris Haynes received a direct quote to relay on-air during the Warriors game, stating: “Honestly, this is unfamiliar ground for me, I’m in my 11th year and I’ve always been in camp and started the year off with my team. The business of basketball is taking its course and changes have come. I do not want to get into details just yet, but it’s definitely not true of the narrative being pushed about me starting or not. I can honestly say that I’ve had two great years with my teammates and the fans in Phoenix. I do not take that for granted, I’m forever grateful for the moments we shared.”

Ultimately from what we can tell, he wanted the message to be relayed that his “demotion” out of the starting lineup was not the primary reason he requested a trade.

It is his contract year, so the negotiations for long-term security are what can be speculated at this point with the information we have. Phoenix did not budge on their stance, and nor did Jae Crowder and here we are.

It’s also important to note this is one side of the story coming directly from Jae Crowder’s camp.

On Monday we received a report from Shams suggesting the Bucks and Suns were engaged in trade conversations around Crowder and mentioned two other potential suitors in the East.

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Grayson Allen and Bogdan Bogdanovic are a couple of names that have been tossed around, mainly due to salary-matching purposes.

Phoenix could also opt to wait a bit longer and pair his contract up with one of Saric or Shamet’s (along with draft capital) for a bit of a bigger “splash” if someone becomes available down the road.

For anyone holding out any hope that the team and Crowder would resolve things and he’d return.. don’t hold your breath. That ship has sailed, and it’s all a matter of time at this point.

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