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SUNS WIN! Team effort blasts Curry, Warriors, 130-119

Cam Payne tied his career high with 29 points, and Devin Booker had 27 with 9 assists.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On a really symbolic night where the Suns honored all 22 Tribal Nations of Arizona with uniforms, court and music, the Phoenix Suns played a really great offensive game to take down the Golden State Warriors.

Stephen Curry had a really special night for the Warriors with 50 points, but the Suns put out a TOTAL team effort to offset that brilliance.

The Warriors briefly mucked the game up enough to pull within 8 while the benches were mostly in, but the Suns immediately went on a 12-2 run to push their lead to 117-99.

Everyone contributed to this win, led by Devin Booker’s own brilliance, Cam Payne’s career high in scoring and the team making a season-high __ threes with five players making at least 2 of their own.

Neither team defended all that well, but the Suns basically ran over the Warriors all night. The game wouldn’t have even been close if Curry hadn’t been red hot all night.

The Suns had a 127-112 lead when they let the starters take a seat at the one-minute mark, and Ish Wainright made a three on his first catch and shoot. Great for Ish!

Suns win 130-119.

How it went down... you’re really gonna want to relive this!

It’s really cool how the Suns honored all 22 Tribal Nations in Arizona. They collectively approved of the uniform, which has tribute to all the tribes on it and honors the cherished turquoise colors.

The Suns also had, as you can see, a special court design and the intro music, as well as the timeout music behind emcee announcements, had a distinct Native American sound.

Still, it took a bit to get comfortable in the game with the Suns in such unusual colors.

First Half

The Suns came out cold, missing 7 of their first 10 shots, but kept in the game thanks to second-chance opportunities and Golden State missing a lot of their shots too. The Warriors tried hard to feed Klay Thompson, who took 6 of their first 12 shots and missed 4 of them.

The Suns eventually took the lead 16-14 on a pair of Devin Booker free throws, and ran that out to 21-14 before the Warriors got a short shot from Kevon Looney. By the 5:00 mark of the first quarter, Booker had FIVE free throws — more than they’d gotten all game against the Heat on Monday night.

As the Suns took a 26-18 lead with 4:35 left in the quarter, they had a 10-5 rebounding lead and 17-13 lead in shot attempts thanks to 3 of those rebounds being on the offensive end to extend possessions.

The game started opening up after the benches started mixing with starters and they both ended up pretty small with only Landale and JaMychael Green as big men. Steph Curry decided to take a lot of shots, two-way Anthony Lamb made a three and suddenly the Warriors had pulled to 31-26.

Stephen Curry did everything he could to keep the Warriors in the game. He personally scored 17 points on 7 shots, while the rest of his team scored only 16 points on 16 shots.

The Suns led 36-33 after one, led by Devin Booker’s 11 points and Deandre Ayton’s 8. Overall, neither team shot the ball that well. Both got 7 points each from the free throw line in a tightly-called game.

The second quarter started out really sloppy on both ends, with Bridges and Payne the starters along with Lee, Landale and Okogie — whose job was to defend the heck out of Jordan Poole. And he did just that, helping the Suns keep the lead despite struggling mightily on offense. Until he got his 3rd foul being overly aggressive and had to be subbed out. Gotta appreciate the effort.

Donte DeVincenzo started aggressively driving and dishing to a cutting big man like Kevon Looney. I’m thinking the Suns didn’t expect this from him, and so they weren’t ready for it at the point of attack and kept letting him drive into the paint with little resistance.

Still, Mikal Bridges and Cam Payne made open threes on Warriors defensive breakdowns, and the Suns lead got up to 50-44 anyway with 6 minutes left till halftime. The offense definitely doesn’t look as smooth as when Chris Paul runs the show, but it’s been effective in getting good shots anyway.

Starting lineups are back for both teams. Uh oh time for Suns because they’re missing guys and the Warriors have the best net rating of a starting lineup.

Stephen was still hot, making a trio of threes and other impossible-to-explain circus shots to keep the Warriors in it (10 of 12 for 28 !! points), but the Suns still kept making shots too and had a 63-57 lead with just under 3 minutes left in the half. The Suns are 9-of-18 on threes and have a 22-16 lead on rebounds.

The Suns grabbed a 10-point lead inside a minute left in the half, but then Steph Curry drew a BS call that should have been a block, and in the ensuing seconds the Suns were called for a pair of delay-of-games and Curry got three free throws.

Halftime: Steph Curry, 31 on 77/80/100 shooting splits. Rest of Warriors, 34 on 43%. Suns 72, on 54%. For the Suns, Cam Payne has a crazy 18 points at halftime, Devin Booker has 16, and Mikal Bridges has 14. Torrey Craig leads the Suns with 6 rebounds.

Second half

The Suns went up 13 on threes from Cam Payne and Torrey Craig, but then fumbled a pair of transition opportunities and let the Warriors pull back to within 7 on a second-chance Klay Thompson bucket, 80-73.

After an Ayton alley-oop, the Suns gave up another second-chance shot to make it tough on themselves... but then answered with a pair of threes (Cam and Craig again!), followed by 5 quick Wiggins points... and it was back to 7. Game is just flowing so fast now.

haha I don’t even know what’s really happening right now. Nothing appears to be planned for either team, even the Steph stuff. Techs were called. Balls knocked out of bounds. Fouls. Bad shots. Blocks.

Quietly, and I don’t know how, but Mikal Bridges has 19 points, a career-high 9 assists and 5 rebounds. He’s been on fire all game, making all the right reads on offense. Cam Payne has 24/4 and Booker has 22/8.

Deandre Ayton had a disastrous quarter for the Suns — he had 4 points and 2 rebounds, but he made a lot of mistakes on both ends. Just not aggressive against little guys — to wit, he had Steph Curry on his back in the post and decide to take and miss a hook shot without contact.

Somehow, the Suns lead after three quarters is 103-89. They’ve made 16 of 31 threes. I’ve got to mention that Steph Curry is up to 40 points on 20 shots, but he was only 3-for-8 that quarter. Anything less than absolutely bonkers from him and the Warriors really struggle.

To start the fourth quarter, the Suns struggled a bit. DeVincenzo hit a couple of threes to cut the Suns lead down to 8 and the Suns quickly switched it up. Booker needed a rest, so Cam Payne came back in with Mikal Bridges replacing Josh Okogie. Now it’s Payne — Washington — Bridges — Lee — Landale against an all-bench Warriors lineup. Kerr clearly looking for some kind of spark while Curry rests.

The Suns lead was still 10 when the starters for both teams began trickling back in, and it was 12 when Steph Curry re-entered for the Warriors.

But that’s okay. A two from Ayton and a pair of threes from Damion Lee put the Suns up a game-high 18 points over the Warriors, 117-99 with just over 6 minutes left.

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