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Listen/Watch: Fun interviews with Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson on the Run Your Race pod

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Missing your ‘twin’ time?

Phoenix Suns starting forwards Cameron Johnson and Mikal Bridges are tight friends. So tight they call themselves ‘twins’. That’s not just because they are similar basketball players with similar accomplishments who play on the same team. That’s definitely not it. There’s 30 ‘forward’ pairings in the league just among starters. Add in rotation players and.., you get my drift.

These guys are TIGHT, both on and off the court. Apparently so tight they even do the same podcast appearances.

Recently, the pair individually joined the Run Your Race podcast on the Tidal League podcast network with NBA player Theo Pinson and A.J. Richardson to discuss their time in the NBA, how they got here and what they’ve been doing lately.

Check it out!

Mikal Bridges

Short clips here, shared on twitter. (Full interview down below)

For the whole Bridges episode, watch it here:

Cam Johnson

Here’s some shorts:

For the full interview, watch here:

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