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Fanning the Flames - Buckle Up for a Wild Season

Are you buckled in yet? Click it or ticket!

The Phoenix Suns are depleted by injuries and have lost a couple of games since our last episode of Fanning the Flames. Nonetheless, guys keep stepping up, the team is persevering, and - despite it all - are still sitting just one-half game out of first in the West.

We break down the past week in the Suns (and our own little) universe as we discuss:

  • The greatest episode of Suns JAM Session (@SunsJAM) ever
  • All the dysfunction around the NBA
  • Klay Thompson and the Splash Only Child, Steph Curry
  • Why Jae Crowder may - or may not - be traded soon
  • Whether Grayson Allen is a James Jones guy
  • Why the Golden State Warriors have surpassed the Los Angeles Lakers on our list of teams we... ahem... do not appreciate very much.

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Until next time!

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