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Bright Side sends 2,400 to Suns-Rockets on 6th Annual Bright Side Night!

Thanks to everyone who donated, sending thousands of first responders and healthcare workers to Suns-Rockets game

NBA: Houston Rockets at Phoenix Suns Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to hundreds of donors from the Bright Side and the Solar Panel podcast, we were able to send more than 2,400 healthcare workers and first responders to the Phoenix Suns vs. Houston Rockets game last night, and boy did they get a treat!

Like so many other games in this magical season, the Suns “turned off the water” in the closing minutes to win yet another clutch game, 124-121 over the Houston Rockets. They outscored the Rockets 13-7 in the final two minutes to seal the victory.

The Suns are now 48-10 — off to the best start in franchise history — with a rocking home crowd reaching its 15th straight sellout. And thanks to many of you, thousands of local heroes got a chance to experience the wild ride and thrilling finish of another Suns win with 17,000 of their closest friends.

And, we got a special treat. Before the game, all of the 10+-ticket donors were given the chance to attend a private Q and A session with Ryan Resch, VP/Director of Strategy and Evaluation.

Ryan is still quite young, but has been with the Suns for six years and has been a major part of the front office since James Jones became the permanent GM. Today, he oversees much of their amateur and pro scouting efforts. Ryan gave us more than 30 minutes of his time to answer some easy and not-so-easy questions on how the Suns went from worst to first in just the last three years.

Thanks to everyone who joined the session with me and asked a ton of great questions!

Ryan continues a six-year tradition of insightful private sessions with Suns front office folks on Bright Side Night, following Ryan McDonough (2 times) and James Jones (3 times).

After the Q and A session, we all made our way to our seats for a crazy Suns game that was highly competitive despite the disparity in season records. The Rockets played very hard all game, and even had a three-point lead with just under two minutes to go. Then the clutch Suns — now 24-3 in clutch games this season — took over to close it out.

Thank you again to all of you who donated to Bright Side Night 2022, and keep on the lookout to do this again next year!

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