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Chris Paul dons soft cast, hints at missed time, during All-Star festivities

The Point God breaks radio silence on how the thumb is feeling.

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Sunsˆ Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We are currently stuck in “injury news limbo”. Those who follow the Phoenix Suns have held their breath for multiple days after their All-Star point guard Chris Paul clutched his right thumb on Wednesday night. The pain on his face was palpable and the words that spewed from his mouth mirrored those I would utter if I missed a nail while hammering and caught a finger. Not PG rated.

The play that preceded his ejection in a game against the Houston Rockets was an entry pass to Deandre Ayton that went awry. Upon further review, you could see that Paul smashed his right thumb on the forearm of Jae’Sean Tate. The result? Pain. Frustration. And an ejection.

Since the incident, there has been little to no updates relative to the injury he sustained. News was that Paul boarded a plane and headed to Los Angeles for an MRI on his right hand.

While some speculated that this was not a good sign, those who listened to The Old Man and the Three podcast hosted by JJ Redick and Tommy Alter knew that Chris Paul was not a fan of full body MRI machines.

Chris Paul has a thing for full body MRI’s. That thing is called claustrophobia. Close to his Los Angeles home is a machine that does not require laying down and being fully inserted into a tube, rather, he can just have his hand professionally looked at.

As All-Star festivities have commenced in Cleveland, Chris Paul has been present. His hand, however, has been wrapped in a cast. Although the point guard did not rule himself out of the All-Star game, he did not provide any certainty as to when he would be playing once again.

The radio silence has been broken, although no definitive answer has been provided.

Per ESPN senior writer Brian Windhorst, Chris Paul stated, “When I felt that in my hand, I was mad for all types of reasons.” He continued, “I’m going to try to heal as fast as physically possible. The second I’m able to play, I guarantee you I will be playing.”

Chris Paul is a player. He is played in every game for the Suns this season and is averaging 33 minutes-per-game, the most since he played for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2014-15. He loves to be on the court and will do all he can to be present for his team.

Paul added, “We’re 48-10 and if we do miss some time I know the guys are going to hold it down.”

This isn’t the promising news that we have been waiting for. Nor is it any confirmation that he will miss significant time. So here we are once again. In limbo. Following breadcrumbs.

Hopes are the Paul is healthy and the historic run for the Suns continues. The team is currently on pace for 67 wins. Chris Paul has led the team to a 24-3 record in clutch time moments — although they had to earn their last one without him on Wednesday.

The other side of the coin is the Phoenix Suns are comfortably slotted as the number one seed, currently up by 6.5 games over the Golden State Warriors. They are the first team to have such a hefty lead since the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls.

The Suns can afford to let Paul have some time to heal. To save his minutes for the playoffs. To lead the team and the franchise to their first championship.

Whichever side you are on, the sentiment is the same: get well Point God.

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