Calling it, Lebron traded to Suns in summer/autumn 22. Crazy idea, or is it?

Hear me out before declaring me a lunatic pls : )

So, you must have seen the reports around the trade deadline/All star game regarding Lebron unhappiness with Fakers management and team. I mean, spare some realy surpirsing chemisry and uptick in performance I dont think anyone sane could say LA are title favourites or even wanabees and at this stage anything less than that must be a no go for Lebron, right. So if LA doesnt get into playoffs or get dropped in first round and with Russ performance/contract and AD health I think they wil all realise it is going nowhere and Lebron wont waste his remaining years if the management doesnt upgrade mighty the offseason.

But then there was the interview that LBJ will play his last year/s with his son no matther where and he can come in NBA no early as of 2024 per current rules, so thats 2 years from now. This will make LA tremble for sure and possibly not wanna commint to him this summer as he will be up for an extension of his expireing contract (1y / 44mil). So will the lakers do all they can to upgrade roster if he can bolt in 2 years? Wouldnt call it a sure thing.

Now the interesting part, we all know CP3 and LBJ and reaaaaly close and looking at what Lebron is saying and acting around Booker I do think he will be interested & pushing to come here. Where better to chase the gold while close to LA as CP3 did than here? And conviniently, we have a piece LA might like in DA who is not a sure thing to return on max contract he will undoubterdly want.

So, I dont know if sign & trade will be possible beacuse of the hard cap/luxury but if LBJ wants out and we propose DA with new contract + Cam Johnson + Cam Payne or something similar, do they say no? We would have CP3/Book/Mikal/LBJ/Jae & FA centers and 2 years to get a championship. Do we do that?

Now if god bless we win the title this year, no way this is getting done. And also I am not sure do I prefer DA or LBJ at their current state. But if we dont win it (god forbid) for some reason, do Suns sacrifice DA's career for 2 years possible title run with LBJ?

What do you think?