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Cam Johnson and his Lemonade Stand

Lemonade like grandma… er … Cam Johnson made.

It all started with a bet between the twins.

On one side there was Cam Johnson, a Bengals fan.

Across from him on the other side was Mikal Bridges, a Rams fan.

Well, we know who won the Super Bowl (Rams) and therefore who lost the bet (Cam) between Phoenix Suns teammates which cleared the way for a lemonade stand.

The event took place yesterday afternoon.

Did you go? Many did. The line went around the building and down the street. I don’t have an exact count but per my eyes, I would say well over a thousand people turned out.

It was so nice to see the support from the fans. We really are One Valley.

If you didn’t go, that’s alright. Times and locations don’t work for everyone. It was a convenient spot for myself and after my kids heard about it, we were going. It didn’t matter how long the line was.

While my wife and I took turns waiting in line, we were able to go up to the table set up and see a few players.

Among the teammates supporting Cam were of course Mikal, Frank Kaminsky and Ish Wainright (a really nice dude who took time to talk to me and sign a hat for us). The other Cam (Payne) and CP3 also made brief appearances.

There may have been more but that’s who we saw.

Overall, it was a good turn out with a good result as $5,000 was donated to Suns charities.

A bet made into a nice story and more evidence of just how close this team and its fans really are.

Go Suns!

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