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Fanning the Flames - Let’s all relax a bit

CP3 is out and the Suns have lost two in a row, but now is not the time to worry.

It’s been a while, but Fanning the Flames returns at a time when it seems as though Planet Orange could use a boost of optimism from the Podcast of Optimism.

Sure, Chris Paul is out for the foreseeable future. Sure, the Phoenix Suns are 1-2 since the All-Star Break. But let’s not freak out just yet, Suns fans. This team is going to be just fine, and we tell you why that’s the case on this episode of Fanning the Flames.

In addition, we dive into:

  • Who needs to step up the most in CP3’s absence;
  • Who has the biggest opportunity to prove himself while Paul is out; and
  • What parallels can be drawn - if any - between the Deandre Ayton contract situation and Kyler Murray’s contract situation.

Choose your player

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Until next time!

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