New Owner? LeBron James?

Insanity? Hear me out.

The league has been very quiet about the allegations against Robert Sarver. Very quiet. We haven't heard anything. This makes me think that he is going to be forced to sell the team after the playoffs end. I think that, if this happens, it's fairly likely that the next owner is former Disney CEO and billionaire, Bob Iger. The thought of getting rid of Sarver alone is exciting, but having a real power player like Bob Iger in control is ecstasy.

The following is a sort of separate (but also not totally separate) case for LeBron James to the Suns. I know that this case has been made many times before, both in 2014 and more recently, but I think that it is now stronger than ever before.

Here's the trade:

Lakers receive: Deandre Ayton (sign and trade) Cameron Payne and Dario Saric (Cam Payne isn't fully guaranteed for 2023-24 and Dario is an expiring) and a future first round pick.

Suns receive: LeBron James

Suns will end up paying around 160-165 Million for their team which would probably make them the 3rd or 4th most expensive team in the league (We need you Mr. Iger). Suns would probably have to make a few more moves for a starting big (probable goodbye to Jae Crowder :(, but necessary). Starting lineup of Paul, Booker, James, Johnson, and INSERT BIG. Bench of Holiday, Shamet, Craig, human being, Biyombo or Mcgee.

I will list out the quick and obvious reasons why this is in everyone's best interest:

Lebron gets to play with his friends Chris Paul and James Jones (and vice versa)

Close to LA, Chris Paul can tell LeBron about how easy it is to have family in LA

Lakers don't lose Lebron for nothing (and Suns don't lose Ayton for nothing)

LeBron brings championship to Phoenix (has to be the GOAT to do that)

LeBron gets to run a team with a new owner, and gets relationship with Bob Iger (entertainment industry)

Bob Iger recently made a big investment in Funko with Rich Paul

Bob Iger would love to make a spashly, headlines-worthy move like this one

No expectations for LeBron

Suns win the championship, I get to be happy

Look, I know that LeBron is not going to happen nor would it probably be good if he did. But it would be really fun for the LeBron show to come to Phoenix. I just really hope they manage to get something back for Ayton. At this point in a non-Celtics-Lakers-Heat-Warriors-team's life cycle, I think that it is really important to do something insane and drastic (see: 2019 Toronto Raptors). Also, I am very serious that I think Sarver is gone after the playoffs, and I hope that it is Bob Iger.

We all grieve differently guys.