I am Sorry, the Book is the problem

I am very thankful to booker for enduring the losing seasons and his great play. But this last series has left a bad after-taste. Book wants to be legendary and he has the will and confidence to get there.

But he is also fragile with his ego.

After the first game in this series, we all knew that there was no answer for DA in the post. However, in Game 2 the team decided to pigeon Luka. Great move, but maybe not needed this early in the series. When you had a plan that was working.

Other than DA foul out, there seemed to be no way the Mavs could keep up with him. All he needed was touches in the post/elbow. I found the team loathe to do that as the series progressed.

Why was it so difficult ? Da has proven to be a reliable catcher. You can't place one or two fumbled passes aginst him.

The only thing that I can think of is that Book wanted to outplay Luka, that means more touches for him and less for DA. And this is what possibly led to DA's Frustration.

I still remember game 3 of the NO series. Where DA said after the game. CP you gotta shoot, I am going to get you open. This is with the attention the Pels had to devote to DA. He understood the game, was willing to let go of his stats for the betterment of the team. Have we ever seen such unselfishness Fromm Book ? Answer me that and we have a conversation.