The Phoenix Suns have some retooling to do


The entirety of the basketball world watched in shock last week as the Suns put up up one of the worst performances by a 1 seed in a Game 7 in NBA history, as they lost to the heavy underdog coming into the series, the Dallas Mavericks. The Suns were not only up 3-2 in the series, they were also up 2-0. Yet again, Chris Paul has led a team that has choked a lead. The Suns have the necessary pieces to win a championship, but they have to make some slight tweaks. Probably the biggest thing looming over the Suns this offseason is Deandre Ayton’s contract extension. Ayton wants the max, but it seems there’s some turmoil there and the Suns may not want to do that, as shown by the big man only playing 17 minutes in Game 7. Now, do I or the Phoenix front office think Ayton is a max player? Probably not. Chris Paul can make any big man good, and Ayton has failed to show he can create his own shot in the post. However, the Suns have to look at the market for a starting Center this summer. Pending a trade, it is dry, with a guy like Christian Wood being the best option. This leaves the Suns with two options: let Ayton walk, or complete a sign and trade. I assume it will be the latter, since Ayton is young and has some value in the market, but the Suns have to solve this issue immediately. Watch any NFL Game live online for free and in HD. We offer multiple streams for each NFL Streams live event available on our website.