You like Suns related conspiracies? Great. The League wants a Warriors/Celts Finals.

With news today of Memphis losing Dillon Brooks for game 3 due to suspension related to a flagrant 2 swipe to the head of Gary Payton Jr. I was thinking how that could really seal the deal for the Warriors thanks to the leagues decision. I did not like the play and definitely not the resulting injury, but it definitely felt like a suspension aimed at trying to appease the Warriors anger and maybe more. On the flip side you have Draymond Green who you could argue had just as dangerous of a flagrant 2 foul to go with some crazy Conner Mcgregoresk ring antics after being ejected, jumping, running around the entire court taunting the crowd like he just won the title. Nope, no extra game suspension for Green. In fact he made it back for game two, just throw the double bird to the same fans. Another slap on the wrist…hmmm?

Second point of interest was the Warriors playing 5 games first round and getting 3 days rest between series vs Memphis playing 6 and only getting one day rest between series. I get it if the league would have given Memphis an extra day that would mean and extra day for Warriors. Still doesn’t 4 and 2 seam more balanced than 3 and 1.

That’s kind of weak argument I have, right? Well it’s just an opinion piece, but I have more… not a ton but hear me out anyway.

I recently watched a pretty darned convincing YouTube video (Spex Media - amazing bball/Suns content) that pointed to referee interference in order to drag out playoff series and possibly change the tide all together. This video pointed to a pretty conspicuous character. Scott Foster. Yep the good buddy of notorious game "influencer" and bean spiller Ref Donahue. There are other conspiracies to go into with his name attached, including CP3 losing record when Scott refs the game. That one is probably just be a grudge, but even with that it’s pretty telling being that it’s Chris Paul… 0-11 against anyone. Ref lineups being changed up depending on how a series is going got me thinking. If that is at all true, what other ways could the league be tipping the scale outside of referees, while still not being too obvious. Suspension for sure is one, Suns fans know all to well the heartbreak of inconsistency in the decision making in that area. We KNOW we would have at least one title already if common sense played any part in suspension decision making. Sorry had to rant on that for a second, it’s still very raw. This brings me back to my earlier point about if Memphis only getting one day rest between their series. If the league has its thumb on the scales of refs and suspensions, they for sure can make some impact using the schedulers as well right? Something interesting I found in the current playoff schedule is the number of rest days scheduled in between games (not counting between series).

1st round:

Memphis - 6 games, 8 days rest

Warriors - 5 games, 7 days rest

Suns - 6 games, 6 days rest

Mavs - 6 games, 7 days rest

Bucks - 5 games, 6 days rest

Celts - 4 games, 5 days rest

Sixers - 6 games, 7 days rest

Heat - 5 games, 5 days rest

Now look at the 2nd round schedule for 7 games:

Memphis/Warriors - 7 games, 9 days rest

Suns/Mavs - 7 games, 7 days

Bucks/Celts - 7 games, 8 days

Heat/Sixers - 7 games, 7 days

Hmmm Suns and Heat get short end of the stick in both rounds while Warriors, Celtics and even Griz seam to be getting bonus rest.

Let’s look at it as total of round 1 and 2 with avg Days Rest Per Game played:

Celts 11 - 15 DRPG - 1.36

Warriors 12 - 16 DRPG - 1.333

Memphis 13 - 17 DRPG - 1.308

Sixers 13 - 17 DRPG - 1.308

Mavs 13 - 14 DRPG - 1.077

Bucks 12 - 14 DRPG - 1.167

Heat 12 - 12 DRPG - 1

Suns 13 - 13 DRPG - 1

This next one only looks only slightly interesting. Days rest between 1st and 2nd. It should be an advantage if you sweep wrap up a series early but the Griz one day off seams a little off to me compared to others that also played 6 games.

Memphis 6 - 1

Warriors 5 - 3

Suns 6 - 3

Mavs 6 - 3

Bucks 5 - 3

Celts 4 - 5

Sixers 6 - 3

Heat 5 - 5

Here are the totals including days rest between series added up, again with the assumed 7 game round 2 series for everyone.

Celts 11 - 18 DRPG - 1.636

Warriors 12 - 19 DRPG - 1.583

Bucks 12 - 17 DRPG - 1.417

Heat 12 - 17 DRPG - 1.417

Memphis 13 - 18 DRPG - 1.385

Sixers 13 - 17 DRPG - 1.308

Mavs 13 - 17 DRPG - 1.308

Suns 13 - 16 DRPG - 1.231

Something to note is with the Warriors in both series their extra rest days were scheduled form early in the series as well toward the end of they go to 7, whereas for the Suns they only get their extra rest day if the series go 7. Again hmmmm?

Either way you break it down the Warriors and Celts are getting some beneficial few extra days of rest and recovery between games each series that our Suns with an aging PG and a recently injured SG are not.

Well that’s it that’s my conspiracy take for this year. It’s a stretch but it kept my mind busy this evening with no basketball to watch. In my opinion barring major injury, the Suns will continue to overcome bad reffing and crap scheduling and will finally win the whole damn thing this year. First time in my 30 plus years as a fan I have felt this confident.