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Fanning the Flames - Toxicity in the Workplace

The OG pod talks all things Robert Sarver and Phoenix Suns

As everyone knows, there has been an ongoing investigation into Robert Sarver and the Phoenix Suns arising out of allegations of misogyny and racism in the workplace. Another piece to that puzzle seemingly came out yesterday when ESPN released a report about a former employee’s recent resignation email, in which she further described the “toxic and misogynistic workplace culture.”

What does this new report mean to the ongoing investigation and Robert Sarver’s future as the owner of the Suns? Our resident lawyer gives his thoughts, as do Dan and our guest this week, Sam Good (@samgood).

In addition to discussing the NBA’s investigation, we also discuss why allowing Deandre Ayton to leave - regardless of how - will be a huge mistake by the Suns.

That, and more, on this episode of Fanning the Flames.

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