Thoughts on DA future & a trade/s to move on if necessary

First of all let me say my preference would definatelly be that DA can concentrate and become the player he is meant to be with us - switchable/imposing on defence, technically sound & precise on offence as he seems to preffer to be, wouldnt mind him being Amare with 3pt shot there though :) Speaking with stats, averages of 22+ ppg/ 11+ rpg / 2+ apg / 1+ spg / 2 bpg shouldnt be considered too much for him when his talent/agility is pretty obvious to anyone. I feel that mending his relationship with Monty shouldnt be too hard to achieve if he focuses more on the grind and is given more involved role on offence. If that happens, this would be the best way to ease CP3's load as we begin transition to the younger guys as we were shown we should do recently. Now, if that is impossible to do and we have to move on, this is one of the trades I think should make us better suited for the current era - 3pt shots + swith all on def. Also, as per CBA rules the two trades should be done separately but conside them as 1 whole.


DA S&T 4y max (~30M) to Indiana for Miles Turner (17.5M), possibly with extension for him if CBA allows it

Based on the CBA rules, suns cant receive more than 19M in S&T max contact for Ayton, so this should just work. Now, I feel while on offence Turner is nowhere near close to DA's arsenal, what he can do is space out with his 3pt shooting (~4pg 34% recently and should go up as he was playing with Sabonis) and therefore provide cutting lanes for our guys and also be a huge Lob treat. On defence, he should be atleast as switchable and way more imposing shot blocking presense so we just may actually improve there. And most importantly, he is not taking max cap space on the team as the resources would be limited.


Saric(9.24M) + Shamet (9.5M) + lotterry protected FRP for Brogdon (22.6M) and sec round in current draft (31st)

Now this should give us the additional ball handling and shot creation we needed this year. Now important note, Brogdon and Turner were both injured last year so this goes if they both prove they are healthy but if they are, I think the team will be way better with multiple shot creators, big swithable wings and rim protection. Also important thing to consider if Sarver is still in charge, this way we would drop the projected payroll 9M - DA/Saric/Shamet 49M and Brogdon/Turner 40M so we might even duck the luxury tax, which should make some1 very happy : )

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In summary, I think this might be my favourite possible trade if we cannot get a disgrunted 3rd star, of course? What do you think?