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JaVale McGee hosting Water for Life Charity softball game on June 22 at Chase Field

The Suns’ big man will be joined by some familiar names.

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It’s warming up in the Valley of the Sun, and with the rising the temperatures comes a reminder that we all need to remember to stay hydrated to be the best versions of ourselves.

Enter JaVale McGee.

The Phoenix Suns’ big man is a founding partner of JUGLIFE, a foundation committed to bringing awareness to the lifestyle that drinking water can provide. They connect with the youth and communities through their water education tours, fitness events and fundraisers. JUGLIFE also goes on an annual trips to Uganda to build water wells.

Courtesy of SLAM Online

From Slam Online:

Back in 2013, McGee, then a member of the Denver Nuggets, began reading up on the importance of hydration. He discovered that most people, athletes included, don’t drink close to enough water.

“I was just trying to get as healthy as possible,” McGee tells us. “So I dedicated myself to drink a gallon of water a day.”

He shared his plan with fans, posting pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #JUGLIFE. It was just something random he invented but it caught on quickly, motivating others to chase the same goal. Seeing this positive response, JaVale decided to take it a step further. His close friend and business partner, Kez Reed, had the idea to sell hoodies, t-shirts and beanies that would expand awareness and raise money. In a short time span, JUGLIFE transformed from a simple word scribbled on the side of a plastic container to a full-blown non-profit.

“The goal of the JUGLIFE foundation originally was to inform people about the importance of drinking water and the good qualities that come with it,” explains McGee. “There’s millions of kids in America that are dehydrated or even obese from a lack of water. There are so many things that go into hydration that people don’t think about. There’s so much stuff that you can solve by just drinking water alone.”

In an effort to bring awareness to his foundation, McGee is hosting the Water for Life Charity Softball Game on June 22 at Chase Field. The event will have some of our favorite Phoenix Suns players competing like Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Mikal Bridges, James Jones, and Cam Payne.

Expect to see notable attendees along side other local celebrities and athletes like Larry Fitzgerald and Donovan McNabb.

This is will one of the first chances we will have to see the Suns since the end of the 2022 postseason and will surely be a fun event to attend for any Phoenix fan.

If you are interested in attending, click here.

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