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Durant demands trade, Suns are his preferred destination

The Phoenix Suns could be adding one of the best players in the NBA

Phoenix Suns v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s just like Flex from Jersey has been tweeted and podding and covering for weeks. Now all the national guys are getting the news too.

Kevin Durant wants a trade, and the Phoenix Suns are atop his wish list of destinations.

Of course, there’s some posturing from the Nets.

So that’s all come out today.

Here’s Flex weeks ago — and he’s been the only one reporting on this with actual inside info in that whole time and not in the “that would be cool” or “Suns should look at KD” way.

Give Flex his props.

Here’s May 16 — one day after the Suns lost in the playoffs.

He quickly followed that up with a podcast, hinting strongly about Kevin Durant and LeBron James as being targets.

Flex is a buddy of mine I’ve had on the Solar Panel podcast many many time. He’s got real contacts in some areas of the NBA. Give him the props.

Now how can the Suns acquire KD and his $42.9 million salary in 2022-23? Aggregation of contracts, of course.

The Nets will be starting over, so they won’t want Chris Paul and the Suns won’t send Devin Booker.

But really, shouldn’t everyone else be available for the Nets, including future draft picks?

If the Nets go down in salary, they can acquire Ayton as a sign-and-trade BUUUUT as you already know from reading my work, it’s complicated because of the base year Compensation limitations.

Ayton can go out at $31 million, but only comes back as $19 million. KD is already at $42 million coming back. The Suns will have to be creative, sending more big contracts... probably also including Mikal Bridges. Sorry, but that’s how it works to acquire a Top-5 NBA player, folks.

Buckle up, Suns fans!

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