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NBA Board of Governors give more advantage to offense on “Take Foul”

Say goodbye to the cowardly “take fouls” in transition that eliminate potentially fun fast breaks.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Miami Heat Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA officially announced a new rule change on Tuesday that will enforce stricter rules on transition “take fouls”.

The NBA Board of Governors approved of this rule change that will impose a “heightened penalty” when a defensive player commits a transition take foul.

The penalty for the take foul will be as follows:

  • The offensive team gets one free throw, which can be attempted by anyone on the court.
  • The offensive team will get to inbound the ball side-out after that free throw is attempted.
  • The defensive player that committed the foul will get be assessed with a common foul.

In addition to the “take foul” rule change, the league also approved the NBA Play-In Tournament on a full-time basis on Tuesday. They will keep the same format they’ve used in the previous two seasons.

What is a take foul, you ask?

A “take foul” is considered to be an intentional foul committed by a defender that deprives the offensive team of a fast-break opportunity. Below is an example, though they can be committed from nearly anywhere on the court.

The most common “take fouls” will occur near or just before half-court.

A Massive Win

This rule has been a talking point for years now, as a number of potentially exciting fastbreaks have been taken away by abrupt fouls in the backcourt.

The take fouls not only slowed the game down, but they took away countless thrilling plays that make the game more enjoyable to watch.

There may be an adjustment period initially where players continue to commit these fouls out of habit or instinct. That thought process will have to quickly be rewired as the free throw plus possession could lead to potential four-point possessions.

What are your thoughts, Phoenix Suns fans? Is this rule long overdue or too harsh? Or do you believe the rule should be even stricter? Let us know in the comments below!

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